Italy; Po Valley -- 22nd November - 1st December 2008
Italy; Po Valley -- 22nd November - 1st December 2008
Venice   Murano   Torino   Aosta Valley   Milan   Lake Como
Venice (just before the floods)
Two shots of the alley way outside the Abbazia Hotel
That's the same alley on the right of the tall building
One end of a local futbol field
Snow in Venice
Absolutely 100% not lost...
St. Mark's Square and Basilica


This is the one and only shot, of the snow outside our hotel, that I got while in Torino

Aosta Valley
The view from Bard Castle where it guards the entrance to Aosta Valley
Nothing draws a crowd like Man Fire
That would be the castle we got kicked out of
Downtown Aosta

First view of the Milan Duomo (i.e. Cathedral)
Three friends of Senegal
Duomo interior
Goodfellow pidgeons
First level of the Duomo roof
Looking down on il Piazza del Duomo

Lake Como
Lake Como view from Varenna
Varenna itself
Varenna view from Lake Como
Out on Lake Como looking towards Bellagio
Typical Bellagio thoroughfare
Much, much colder than it looks