Turkey 2

My next stop in Turkey was to stay in Kusadase, near Selcuk, where I could make day trips out to Ephesus and Pamukkale.

I won't go into the history or historical significance of Ephesus, but suffice to say, the Roman ruins there are the most extensive and impressive I've ever seen and they filled me with even more than the usual wistfullness and awe inspired by the Roman Empire.

The first couple pictures are of the single column (and its nesting storks) that remains of the Temple of Artemis. This temple is one of the Ancient Wonders of the World because in antiquity its football field-size interior was covered with a marble roof -- something that would be an impressive feat of architecture even today.

Pamukkale, which translates to "Cotton Castle" is a natural geological formation which is one of the standard tourist stops in Turkey. Calcium deposits from the mountains' hot springs have built a confection of billows and cascading pools filled with turquoise water. Impressive, unique, and blinding as the whole of it was, the best views of Pamukkale are to be seen in the postcards since nowdays water is restricted to only a portion of the pools at a time.

And, of course, there were some 2000 year old Roman ruins nearby which, to my personal delight and sensible horror, people were able to blithely climb through at will.

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