Greece 5

This is where I stayed while I was in Athens. It was overpriced and a bit drafty, but the view was spectacular.

Next door was the Erechtheion, with its porch of mock Caryatids to replace the originals which are either in the nearby museum or have been pilfered off to England.

A few random shots of Athens show that it's a vast city threaded with ruins and gorgeous streets and that even the Greeks still make fun of Sinatra.

The Temple of Olympean Zeus was begun in 515 BC but not finished until the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who was a definite fan of the Hellenistic culture and art, took note of it when he visited Athens. The temple was inagurated, along with a small but associated arch to Hadrian, in 131 AD. At almost one and a quarter times the length of a football field, the temple was one of the largest in the Ancient world.

Athen's National Archeological Museum had an impressive collection of some of the more famous sculptures which are considered the hallmarks of succesive periods of developement.

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