Greece 3

I took a boat tour on Milos too; this time around the entire perimiter of the island. If Santorini had the most singular dramatic scenery, then Milos had the most varied and dramatic, also the result of volcanic activity. Rocks and mountains of every color sheltered spectacular beaches and thrust straight up in amazing formations from the mind-boggling blue, green, and aqua marine crystal water.

I'd never have thought that one island would have so much variety, and all of it noteworthy, on one coastline.

I spent half the trip just hanging over the edge of the boat, watching the water.

Indicative of all that amazed me about Milos, Kleftiko (bay? beach?) was the major stop on the tour where we swam for about an hour. Towards the end of the tour we passed the picturesque village of Klimas and its colorful houses.

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