Greece 2

I tried to catch the 9 o'clock hourly bus to the port the next morning, but since one didn't come until about 10:30 I'm not sure if it was really late or early. But, I got to the port just in time to catch a hydrofoil to Mykonos and took a bungalow at Paradise Beach just outside of Mykonos Town.

Mykonos Town, pictured, was built as a rabbit warren of twisting alleys, dead ends, and wrong turns in an effort to foil and confuse any invaders. No doubt tourists fall into this category since they get more confused than anyone. I had a great time wandering through town until I was lost and continued wandering until I'd found my way out. The latter took a lot longer.

My main reason for going to Mykonos was to do a day trip to Delos. Delos is a 5x1 km island which held great religious significance during the Roman Empire and has been an archeological wealth of art and culture. Unfortunately, I got the distinct impression that Delos is more well-known for what's been found there and taken away rather than for what remains. It made for an enjoyable day of exploring nonetheless.

My ferry trip from Mykonos to Milos had a day-long layover in Santorini which gave me a chance to get some more shots of the Caldera from the sea.

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