Germany is and always will remain a favorite. Food, beer, and equally quality people to enjoy them with. And the occasional castle every two kilometers.

At the end of my trip, I was in Zagreb, Croatia and had to cope with the ordeal of deciding where to spend an extra day before getting back to Frankfurt; do I spend the day in Vienna? In Budapest? In Prauge? Such are the trial of vacation. I decided on Munich, as it had been three years since I'd thouroughly enjoyed its parks and accompanying biergartens and the square around its Glockenspiel.

After listenting to friends play amazing music in jam sessions at a local bar until four in the morning, going to the birthday party of a countess the next day, and other such standard Frankfurt fare, we went for a day in Hiedelburg.

Hiedelburg is a gorgeous, historical university town and cultural center which the French put all their means and ability towards destroying in the war. Needless to say, remains largely untouched and has some of the most picturesqe houses I've ever seen.

The balcony of the Hiedelburg Castle made for some great views and a mysterious footprint

The last picture is a classic example of Cory Haggart Pose #18. Notice how the rotated wrist subtley compliments the splayed fingers. The cocked head, also seen prominently in Poses #3 and #11, and the pursed lips communicate the usual trials of putting up with the world's nonsense while the locked left elbow and forward-balanced stance, see Pose/Expression #6, state the intention to do just that.

Is it obvious which one is older?

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