Czech Republic 1

Cory and I took an overnight train to Prague and let a really great room from Jan, whom we met at the station and had the rest of the day to wander around the Old City.

Prague is an impressive collection of labyrinthe cobblestone alleyways, no two of which run parrallel or perpendicular to eachother but which suddenly open out into huge open squares like the Namesti Republiky

Most of the pictures here are of or from the Charles Bridge

The cathedral inside Prague's castle had some impressive stained glass windows and spires too tall for my non-wide angle lens to capture.

We were eating dinner that night when a wind from nowhere roared up the street just before a biblical downpoar drenched the city for about twenty minutes. The results were glistening cobblestones on the Karlov Most for the rest of the night.

The following night, naturally, Cory and I managed to be wide out in the open when the same exact thing happened and were drenched almost beyond recognition before making it back to our apartment.

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