Shi Shi Beach, Olympic Peninusla  Tide Pools and bald eagles with Jenn and my first Pacific Northwest backpacking experience : 2012.05.18-20


Largely spent in Florida, helping ready a rover to launch to Mars so not much hiking that Summer


Agnew meadows  High country lakes and mosquitos with Dad: 2010.07.19-24

Emigrant Wilderness, cherry lake  Cross-country bushwacking w/ Doug, Mike and Beckett: 2010.07.03-05


Wittenberg Mountain, Catskills  The first outdoor excursion in New York : 2009.04.05


Zion and Bryce Canyons   Luxury camping and incredible scenery in Southwestern Utah : 2008.06.20-24


Piute Pass and Humphrey's Basin  High-elevation cross-country trekking w/ Karen & Roberto and Stephanie and James : 2007.07.03


Hwy 395 Drive  A drive through the sights along 395 at the height of Fall : 2006.10.17

Cottonwood Lakes and Mt. Langley  Summiting again with Mike and Stephanie & James : 2006.08.27

Grand Canyon of the Tuollume, Yosemite  Four days amongst rushing rivers, spontaneous downpours and lots of rattlesnakes with Doug & Co. : 2006.08.03-06


Joshua Tree  A weekend of desert camping and hiking w/ Mike, Joy, Joanna and company : 2005.11.19

North Fork Big Pine Creek  Golden aspens, turquoise glacial lakes and perfect country : 2005.09.17

Cottonwood Pass  Karto and *the* trip of carnage. That's all I'm going to say about it : 2005.07.01

Pine Creek  Just outside of Bishop with Mike, Doug, Maddie and Robert : 2005.06.25

Kearsarge Pass  One of the best days ever, spent snowshoeing towards Kearsarge : 2005.05.15

Yosemite and Foresta Valley  Snowshoeing and a cabin in Yosemite/Foresta : 2005.02

Chantry Flats  A day hike in the San Gabriels through creeks and waterfalls, and mostly a lot of poison oak : 2005.01.24


Rae Lakes Loop  Five days along this classic and scenic Sierra route : 2004.07.19


Golden Trout Lakes  Just over the ridge w/ Doug and Beckett : 2003.07.11

Kearsarge Pass  Up from Onion Valley w/ Joanna : 2003.06.20-22

North Fork Big Pine Creek  A day hike through Aspens and glacier runoff lakes : 2003.05.24


Kings Canyon Campgrounds  Car camping, glacial swimming, and forgetting to buy another pint w/ Caleb and Jenny : 2002.08

Anza Borrego  Beer, sun, campfires, sunstroke, wind caves and beer. And one fire ring casulty : 2002.06

Cottonwood Lakes  A weekend trip with Choy and Mike at the cusp of Winter and Spring : 2002.05


Mt. Langely  Back to Mt. Langley w/ Mike and Dave for a 14,000' sunrise : 2001.07.14

Colorado River  Two days of canoing below the Hoover Dam w/ the JPL co-op crowd : 2001.06.08

Olancha Peak  Pure Easter Sierras, the North route up Olancha, and camping w/ a 6,000' view : 2001.05.26

Devil's Punchbowl  A day hike through the San Gabriel scenery w/ the JPL co-op crowd : 2001.05.19

Red Rock Canyon  A fairly random wander in the Southern California desert : 2001.04.21

Yosemite Valley  Snowshoeing to Almost-Dewey-Point w/ Mike : 2001.02.17

Joshua Tree  A weekend of camping in the desert w/ the LA and JPL crowd : 2001.03.10


Mineral King to Kern River Valley  Eight glorious days in the middle of the Sierras : 2000.Summer

Desolation Wilderness  More hikes around Tahoe


Desolation Wilderness  Early hikes in the Sierras with my Dad and his dad's pack

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